Rent a family cargo bike while in Berlin with your kids

Are you coming to Berlin with your whole family - with one or two kids aged 1-6 years? Would you like to enjoy this wonderfully flat city by bike, but your children are still too young to ride their own bikes? Rent your family cargo bike here for a lovely weekend, a couple of days or an entire week in Berlin. Your kids can safely and comfortably sit in the family cargo bike's box while you do all the work out. There is still enough room in the box to take an extra few things that you usually need while being on vacation with children.

Renting a cargo bike is a perfect choice for riding in Berlin and exploring the city in a more active way. While young children usually do not like walking long distances through a city on holidays, looking around from the comfy seats of a family cargo bike is definitely a lot of fun for them. The kids have the full panoramic view as they are the front passengers in the family cargo bike. If looking around becomes boring at some point, they can simply play with their toys. You can communicate with your children more directly than if they were sitting behind you in a bike trailer.

Find the perfect type of family cargo bike for you

Whether you prefer to rent a two-wheeled or three-wheeled family cargo bike is up to you. Both types of bikes have their advantages. The two-wheeled cargo bikes do feel a lot more like riding a regular bike. They are usually a bit faster and slightly narrower, so you can join the traffic or keep up with the other cyclists on the bike lanes easily. You will get used to the extra length and the wider curve radius quickly.

Three-wheeled family cargo bikes like the famous Christiania bike offer more stability for you and more space for the children. The older kids can climb in and out without you having to worry about the bike tumbling over. If you rent a three-wheeled bike, its extra weight and width will make you want to ride in a more relaxed manner.

Last but not least, it might be an alternative for you to rent a bike trailer for children. The kids will be super comfortable in the bike trailer and you ride a regular bike. The only difference is the extra weight, length and width behind you - which you will get used to quickly.

Our founding team

Martin has dedicated a big part of his life to cargo bikes by founding and running a e-cargo bike logistics company in Berlin. With his Gazelle Cabby he takes his kids anywhere.
Arnas always wanted to own a family cargo bike for taking his kids around the city. Now that they have grown a bit older he does not use it as often anymore.

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