This family cargo bike is rented on a 24h basis. Pick-up is usually either between 8h00 and 9h00 in the morning or alternatively between 16h00 and 22h00 in the afternoon.

Rent a Chariot Bike Trailer for Children
Trekking Bike & Chariot Bike Trailer for ChildrenChariot Bike Trailer for Children - interiorRent a Chariot Bike Trailer for Children

If you prefer the feeling of a regular bike, you might prefer to rent a Chariot bike trailer instead of a full-blown cargo bike. It is a smart decision to rent a Chariot bike trailer if you feel uncomfortable with riding such a long or bulky bike as our cargo bikes. Even though they are easy to learn, we understand that it might feel better to rent a bike trailer. The kids are just as safe and comfortable and the quick and easy rain cover is definitely a plus.

When you rent a Chariot bike trailer, you can will basically feel like riding a regular bike. The only difference is the extra width that you will have to take into account when going through narrow spaces. And that you are pulling an extra 1.5m when you take a turn. But after a few minutes you will be totally fine with that.

Address: Sebastianstraße 21A, 10179 Berlin, Germany

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