About family cargo bikes

What are the differences between two-wheeled and three-wheeled family cargo bikes?

The difference is that a two-wheeled family cargo bike rides more or less like a regular bike, but with a larger curve radius and the strange feeling of an indirect steering. Two-wheeled cargo bikes are generally a bit faster to ride. They are also not as wide as the three-wheeled cargo bikes, so they are easier to navigate in narrow places. Three-wheeled cargo-bikes on the other hand offer more stability and more space in the box for the kids and extra luggage. Their steering needs a bit more getting used to, as it is different from a regular bike’s handle bar. They are best ridden in a very relaxed and rather slow manner – perfect to take in your surroundings.

How long do I need to practice riding the bike?

If you can ride a bike, you can ride a family cargo bike. However, we do adivise to use the first 10 minutes to get acquainted with the new behavior of the bigger bike.

How safe is it for children?

All seats have seat belts for children. The box itself is made of solid wood and therefore offers some extra protection in case of an accident. Taking your kids in the box of a cargo bike is much safer than taking them on a child’s seat on a regular bike and approximately as safe as a trailer. Use one of the many bike lanes in Berlin and ride carefully and foresightedly – you will be fine!

About the rental process

Where can I pick up and return the family cargo bike?

The family cargo bike can be picked up in Sebastianstraße in Berlin Mitte (central district). The location is 3min walking distance to U8 subway station “Moritzplatz” or 8min walking distance to U2 subway station “Märkisches Museum”.

What are the best times to pick up and return the family cargo bike?

On weekdays, the best times to pick up and return the family cargo bike are from 7h30 to 9h00 in the morning and from 16h00 to 22h00 in the afternoon.
On weekends, the best times are usually from 7h30 to 10h00 and from 18h00 to 22h00.
If you are not sure if your optimal time will be possible, best contact us before booking via cargobike@www.web12.s84.goserver.host

What about the security deposit?

We like our family cargo bikes and would prefer to rent them to many more people after you. Should the bike be damaged, lost or stolen without our gross negligence we have to charge you with the cost for the repairs or replacement. The security deposit will have to be paid either together with the booking or cash at pick-up. You will get the money back when the bike is returned without any objections from us.

How can the security deposit be paid?

The security deposit can be paid in either of two ways:
a) By electronic payment at the time of booking the bike online. After setting the rental period, choose “Pay now – refund at return” at the 500€ security deposit field.
b) By cash at pick-up. After setting the rental period, choose “Pay cash at pickup – get money back at return” at the 500€ security deposit field. Please bring EUR 500 in cash. You will receive a receipt for the security deposit.

How do I get the security deposit back?

Depending on your method of paying the security deposit we will either refund the security deposit by transferring the amount back to your payment method or give you back the deposit in cash.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

We understand if you need to cancel your booking. We are happy to refund you, but will charge you the equivalent of one regular day’s rent as administration fee.

What if I want to extend the rental?

If you want to extend the rental, please contact us and we will tell you if it is possible. We kindly ask you to pay the additional rental fee in cash upon return. Extensions of more than 3 days are generally not possible without prior payment of the additional rental fee.

What if I want to shorten the rental?

You can shorten your rental period. We will however charge an equivalent of one regular day’s rent as administration fee.