When you come to Berlin for a couple of days, would you not like to rent bikes for the entire family? Discovering the city by bike is so much more fun if you can rent bikes for the whole family, not just for the parents. Berlin is a city that is easily discovered by bike. The reasons for that are that it is mostly flat, that there are a lot of bike paths and that it is often the quickest way from A to B.

Even though Berlin does feature some elvations, some might even be called hills (and some districts are call Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg – “Berg” meaning literally “mountain”), most of the city is quite flat. So riding a bike is rather pleasant, even with the entire family. No steep climbs and thus no sweat. So you can be sure that there will be no tears from the little ones if you rent bikes for the whole family.

Secondly, Berlin has a lot of bike lanes that makes it a great city to rent bikes for the family. If your kids are already riding their own bikes, you do not have to worry about them sharing the streets with all the cars. Instead, the entire family can safeley cycle on the specially designated bike lanes. Although lately, some new bike lanes are now directly on the streets, they are clearly marked and Berlin car drivers very much respect them. However, most bike paths are still part of the sidewalk, so your family rides at a safe distance from the busy streets.

Why else should you rent bikes for the family when in Berlin? By bike, you are much faster than on foot. You are independent of the public transport system. And especially for short distances like going from one point of interest to the next it is the quickest and most enjoyable way. Just take your bike from where you left it and lock it again whereever you want to get to. No parking, no tickets, no getting to the next bus stop or subway station.

Where can I rent bikes for the family in Berlin?

If you have children and want to rent bikes for the family in Berlin, you did not have so many options until recently. If your kids are still younger than six years old, it is probably best to consider a cargo bike. The children can sit on their bench in the box and relax while you get some healthy exercise. Alternatively, the children can sit in a trailer attached to the rear axle of a normal bike. We offer both options to rent bikes for the family, either the cargo bike or regular bike with a trailer.

When the children are older, they can ride their own bikes. Some family bike rentals in Berlin do offer kids bikes, but most of them only have bikes for teenagers. Not for under 10 year old kids though.

We close that gap and rent bikes for families with kids of all ages. From us you can rent bikes for the whole family for an enjoyable stay in Berlin.

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